Crows Feet – Top Tips for Elimination

Crows feet are often called “laugh lines” but most people don’t find these small wrinkles around the eyes to be a laughing matter. After all, these lines are a sign of aging and no one likes them. The reason these small wrinkles show up is because skin loses elasticity as you age, which allows the skin to stretch more without going back to its original form. This occurs because the body is not producing as much Elastin and Collagen as it used to.

crows feet treatment
While you could try to avoid getting crows feet by never laughing, squinting, frowning, or smiling, that is really almost impossible. The good news is that they can be prevented and eliminated in other ways. Here are a few tips you can follow for great results.

Natural Cures to Consider
If you’re looking for tips to eliminate crows feet, you’ll find that there are a lot of natural cures and remedies that you can consider using. One of the simplest options is to simply apply some vitamin E to those small wrinkles, which can be done by taking a vitamin E capsule and poking a hole in it so you can apply the contents right on the wrinkles. Some people also try to get more vitamin E by taking flaxseed oil, which may be helpful.

Another of the natural cures often used for crows feet is an egg white mask. After cleaning your face, you can take egg white and apply it carefully to your face, allowing it to dry. Simply wash away with warm water after 15 minutes. Just make sure you wash hands well with soap because you are dealing with raw eggs. Many claim this works because it tightens up the skin, reducing the appearance of the fine lines around the eyes.

Making healthy eating choices may even be able to help reduce the appearance of these small lines. Eating foods that contain many antioxidants can keep skin looking as young as possible, which can definitely be helpful if you are trying to avoid getting crows feet and other wrinkles in the first place.

Botox – Is it a Good Option?
One option that you may hear about when trying to eliminate your crows feet is botox. This is a highly touted option that many celebrities today are using and you may be wondering if this is a good option for your needs. The good news is that this is an option that doesn’t require surgery. However, it is very expensive and requires the botox to be injected into the area, which can be a bit painful. Botox works by relaxing muscles so they are not able to contract.

There can be complications and you need to understand that Botox won’t last, so you’ll end up having treatments again in the future. At $400 or more per treatment, this can definitely get expensive. Usually it’s a better choice to skip the expensive and potentially dangerous botox in favor of more natural options.

Creams to Eliminate Crows Feet
You may find that quality creams are one of the best options to try when you want to eliminate crows feet. Look for creams that are natural, avoiding those that contain harsh chemicals in them. Some top creams today include the latest ingredients like Xtend-TK™ that provide great results, making these creams a great option. They can provide long lasting results and they are definitely a cheaper option than botox treatments.

A quality eye cream can help enhance the production of Collagen and Elastin in your skin, which is the best natural crows feet treatment you can find anywhere.

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