Liver Spots Treatment – What Works And What Doesn’t

Blame it on the sun! Liver spots are one of the most dreadful problems caused by overexposure to harmful UV radiations coming from the sun. This is why they are more common on the exposed body parts like the face, neck, back, hands and feet.

Interestingly, liver spots have nothing to do with liver per se. In medical terminology, these spots are known as solar lentigo or lentigo senilis. But nothing to worry, they are not as serious as they sound. Liver spots are a very common skin problem which doesn’t harm your health in any way. However, it does make you look older than your real age.

Liver spots treatmentliver-spots-treatment
Now, there are various ways to get rid of these unwanted spots. Bleaching creams are very commonly used for lightening the skin and getting rid of these spots. And they work too to an extent. The skin can get lighter in color and the spots also get burned off.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? That isn’t the complete story. These creams can cause a number of side effects too which you should keep in mind before exposing your skin to them. While the common side effects include burning, dry skin, itching, peeling etc; if you have sensitive skin, the use of chemicals may cause it to become excessively red, puffy, blistered, or crusted. If you happen to have eczema or any other chronic skin condition, be extra cautious before trying out any chemical based cream; the side effects may be even more serious.

A safer option
This is where natural and herbal skin care solutions make their entry. Natural skin lightening creams are soft, gentle and hence 100% safe to be used even on sensitive skin areas, like the skin under your eyes. Moreover, instead of trying to artificially hide the skin problems, they focus on eliminating the skin conditions right from the root. This is why the results they provide are not only effective but permanent too.

Liver spots are produced because UV rays from the sun stimulate the production of the skin coloring pigment i.e. melanin. This pigment when starts depositing in the upper layer of the skin; takes the form of dark patches which we commonly refer to as liver spots or age spots.

Now, the best way to fade them away would be to stop the excessive production of melanin and clear off the existing depositions. This is exactly what is done by a miraculous herb from India called Extrapone Nutgrass Root.

This powerful plant root penetrates deep into the skin and effectively inhibits the production of melanin. Within a couple of months, it can reduce the melanin content by upto a high 40%. It thus attacks right at the root cause of liver spots and eliminates them completely.

This is why this root is a favorite ingredient in most of the effective skin lightening creams. It is definitely the most natural, effective and healthy way to have a lighter and whiter skin, free from liver spots. Put this to the test right away and see for yourself the power of this natural plant extract.

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